My unique pattern-drawing technique is a very organic, simple process. I begin with a photograph, enlarge it to my designated size, and then, using tracing paper, create a detailed pattern by using smooth, easy-to-applique curved lines. I draw the pattern lines according to how the subject feels, grows or moves, and taking into consideration basic anatomy. The individual pieces of my patterns are not designated by color, rather, by structure. When the pattern is complete, it looks similar to a stained glass window. I prefer a 'jigsaw puzzle' approach to choosing fabrics. I enjoy searching for the perfect blending colors, and then finding the perfect spot in the fabric to cut out the missing piece.

For $50, I will use your provided image to create the pattern. Here's how to order:

STEP 1: Download an instruction sheet (PDF) by clicking HERE.

STEP 2: E-mail your jpg file to the address on the PDF, or send your photo by mail to the postal address on the instruction sheet.

STEP 3: Payment can be made online by credit card below, or make payment by check and mail with your image.

STEP 4: Within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of order, you will receive a large grayscale printout of your image and a tracing paper pattern marked with fine-point permanent marker. All domestic shipping fees are included. For international orders use the Contact form on this website to inquire about shipping cost.

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