Quilt Festival Houston 2024

Information about the classes I am teaching during Festival

Hands-On 3-Hour Classes

Precision Machine Piecing - Santa Fe Stonework

Tuesday, October 29; 2-5pm

Whether you are just getting started making quilt tops or you would like to elevate your piecing skills to blue-ribbon status, this class is a must! With easy lessons and plenty of "Aha!" moments, this seemingly simple project class will teach you helpful practices to incorporate into your own sewing skills. The kit fee includes everything you need to finish the block! Machines provided by Janome.

Learn Hidden Hand Applique for Beginners

Saturday, November 2; 9am-Noon

Using a very basic pattern -- only two pieces on a pre-printed background -- David will teach you the overlapping, pre-turned edge appliqué technique he uses to create his award-winning pictorial art quilts. If you are afraid of hand applique, this fun and informative workshop is for you. Experience the joy and satisfaction of hand applique! Topics include using freezer paper templates, turning seam allowances, and an invisible stitching method. Everything you need for the class is in the kit, including fabrics, pattern, needle and thread! Bring your scissors.

Lecture Classes

Who Am I To Judge?

Thursday, October 31; 3-4pm

I will relate through a digital slide show and amusing anecdotes how I began judging quilt competitions, from small county fairs to massive international shows. Judging is a balance between adequate exposure to what's going on in the world of quilting and setting aside your own prejudices and proclivities. Bring your questions; I'll have answers!

Want to Design a Pattern?

Friday, November 1; 9am-Noon

Learn the print and digital design programs of Adobe Creative Cloud in this fun lecture/demo class. The class is designed as an overview for those who have little, no, or some experience with these programs, or for those who are just curious. The lecture will include: InDesign (page layout), Illustrator (line drawings/patterns), Photoshop (images), and Acrobat (PDFs). I have more than 35 years experience in graphic arts, designing since BC (before computers.)

Artistry through Appliqué

Friday, November 1; 2-5pm

I will relate, through a digital slide show and amusing anecdotes, how I create my art quilts that look like paintings. From my unique pattern-drawing method, to fabric selection, quilting and binding, my entire process is explained in this lecture-format class.

Machine Quilting Classes with HandiQuilter Amara

Feel the Rhythm

Wednesday, October 30; 9am-Noon

This is a fast-paced beginners' class for learning basic free-motion quilting techniques on a domestic machine. The class is structured around a series of quilt "sandwiches" that will get everyone stitching. Students will also learn about the relationship between needle, thread and tension and learn how to adjust it successfully. Each student will have single use of a HandiQuilter Amara stationery quilting machine. Yes, we'll cover the difference between self-guided and stitch-regulated. Limited to 12 students. Register early!

Timing and Tension

Wednesday, October 30; 2-5pm

We'll start with the basics of how a quilting machine operates and progress to tension control and rhythm. You'll learn how to properly adjust tension with hands-on lessons regarding needle sizes and thread weights. Find out how easy it is on the HandiQuilter Amara stationery quilting machine. Each student has their own station. Fun and informative. Limited to 12 students. Register early!

Fill in the Blanks

Thursday, October 31; 9am-Noon

Staring at open spaces? Not sure which design you want to use on your quilt? Do you hate making feathers? David will show you fun ways to fill in the blanks, from easy stippling and loop-de-loop and to easy grid work and organic motifs. Each student will have single use of a HandiQuilter Amara stationery quilting machine. Limited to 12 students. Register early!