Floral Applique

#33101W - Wednesday, April 22 - SORRY, CLASS FULL

This class is quite similar in scope to my pictorial hand applique workshop. A greater emphasis will be on demonstrating my unique pattern drawing style, and fussy cutting fabric for a dramatic, realistic effect. I'm thrilled to present my 'flowers of the month' patterns at this workshop - and the Texas Bluebonnet! Kits for the class include the pattern with full-color instructions; freezer paper templates; pre-washed, hand-dyed fabrics for your project; and tracing paper.

Simple Pictorial Hand Applique

#33102T - Thursday, April 23

In this class I'll cover my layered hand-applique technique which uses freezer paper templates and pre-turned seam allowances to create pictorial works. The kits for the class include the pattern with full-color instructions, freezer paper templates, pre-washed fabrics for the complete project, tracing paper - nearly everything you need.

Basic, Beautiful, Blue-Ribbon Binding

#31809 - Friday, April 24 - LECTURE

Binding your quilt should not put you in a bind. With one secret weapon and accurate trimming, I'll demonstrate how you can ensure your quilt will be squared up and will hang straight on the wall. Fun and full of great tips for even better quiltmaking. Supplies are not required for a lecture, although you may want to bring a pen and paper to take notes.

Yes, You Can Stipple!

#38518 - Friday, April 24 - SORRY, CLASS FULL

This is a FUN class for beginners intimidated by the thought of machine quilting. Through a series of lessons using specific fabric and batting 'sandwiches' – each created to build your confidence – you'll be able to say "Yes, I Can Stipple!" and a whole lot more! The techniques used can be applied to any stationary domestic or quilting machine.

Don't Go in the Cave!

#33504 - Saturday, April 25 - SORRY, CLASS FULL

Learn my secret to stitching down perfect curved appliqué shapes. Never “clip” a concave curve again! Inside, outside, convex, concave... this class will demonstrate a unique approach to curves with a simple wreath pattern that only uses one shape.